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Frequently Asked Question!

Absolutely! You can buy the Ultimate Sports Betting System just for $198 and you can use your own picks and predictions!

We don’t think so… Sorry that you must hear that, but the most important thing in any betting system was the Win Rate. Did You realy think that you are better than our team?

The most profitable thing here was the winning percentage of our Sports Picks! Ultimate Sports Betting System was made to develop more money, on a WINNING predictions!

For that reason, We think that without our picks, You will not have same rate of winnings…

We are a Big Team of proven tipsters, sports writers, ex-players, mathematic and etc. We have big time behind us to find, and prove all this service.

And we started raking in profits while putting it to the test LIVE, making it available to thousands on our customers!

It was very important to us because we wanted to PROVE upfront, without any doubt, that Ultimate Sports Betting System would make profit for any user.

Thousand’s customers TRUST US! We don’t have success if our clients was not satisfied.

It’s like a Forex trade, you don’t need archive, You need a FUTURE plan!

In each one Sports Betting Sections, you will receive around 200 games monthly.

Its easy to manipulate archive pages…. But very hard to WIN from the future.

So?! – You need us to be SUCCESSFUL bettor, not a single LOSER….

Absolutely! You will get the picks a night before, or in the morning of the day that the games are. In any case you will have 8-10 hrs before the games start.

Don’t forget that you will need to follow the steps of the system, so you need to place some bets after the end of the previous!